Soil Tests
Comprehensive soil stabilisation testing to establish suitability for stabilisation or reuse
Materials Testing
Materials such as soils, aggregate and concrete testing for contaminants helps to ensure compliance.
Site Investigations
Site investigations help to determine the engineering properties of soil and rock.
Accredited laboratories to ensure quality standards

Metabuild Lab employs a range of techniques to provide construction material tests and reports for your project needs, ensuring all regulations are adhered to.

Geotechnical Investigations

Structural Integrity

Concrete Mix Designs

All Soil Tests

Pavement Testing

Need to know
Meta buildLab Foundation!

Metabuild Lab is a fully registered Geotechnical and Construction materials testing Laboratory.

By conducting Geotechnical Investigations, Structural Inspections, Geological mapping, Road Pavement testing,  groundwater assessments and construction support, we empower clients to make informed project design decisions.

We appreciate all our clients and we strive to keep our promise of quality, on-time and on-budget Geotechnical services.

We accord all of our projects with utmost attention, professionalism and engineering experience to produce analyses and interpretations appreciated by engineers and architects because these, are our next clients.

We have been commited to providing a full range of engineering services for projects big and small.

Our company specialises in the practice of soil mechanics, structural assessment, geology and foundation engineering. For all these services offered, we produce professional interpretative reports acceptable any quality regulatory organizations, and most importantly, appreciated by the structural engineers and architects involved in the projects.

We have completed extensive projects within Uganda and are currently expanding across the East African region.

Metabuild Lab’s values include quality, professionalism, integrity, sustainability, passion and cost effectiveness with an obligation to our clients to ensure that our data and interpretation are accurate and ethical.

  • The main objective of Geo-technical investigations is to give recommendations on the most cost-effective design and construction method for any given development by detailed assessment of geological, Geo-technical and Geo-Environmental characteristics underlying, overlying and surrounding a proposed development.

This helps to limit the cost of over-design and reduces the risk of structural failure which may lead to loss or destruction of property and or life.


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Explore our Field & Lab Capabilities

At MetabuildLab, we strive to be the preferred partner of our clients by safely and consistently delivering on-budget, quality and on-time feedback and test reports with a dedicated and experienced team that performs with a high standard of professionalism and integrity.

Concrete Testing

We deliver concrete testing at every stage of your project.

Soil Testing

Our tests look at soil strength, density, compaction and contamination data to ensure your construction process goes smoothly.

Chemical Testing

Chemical analysis helps determine material composition, impurity identification, moisture and element analysis.

Topographic mapping

This is mainly to determine the required quantities (areas and volumes) for earthworks on site.

Aggregate Testing

Mechanical and physical testing is conducted on a wide range of natural and recycled aggregates to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Geotechnical Investigations

These investigations include foundation rock types, soil deposits classifications, the water table levels and so on. An investigation of this nature is of particular importance to the building’s foundation.

Site Testing

Our on site testing services offer a broad range of in situ testing solutions.

From compliance testing, earthworks validation or soil stability tests, our expert team of field technicians will provide a comprehensive, independent assessment of the underlying materials.

Soil Stabilisation

CBR tests and plate bearing tests are just some of the wide range of methods we use on site to analyse suitability for its intended purpose.

Site Investigations

Fully managed by our expert technical team, our flexible investigation services enable you to keep full control of project timelines and budgets.

Materials Testing

Our tests cover a wide variety of materials including concrete sampling, aggregates, in situ soil testing and chemical tests.

Pavement Testing

Our service covers coring and analysis of construction materials to structural condition assessments and utility reinstatement.

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100% Project Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Passion
We believe quality is safety
At MetabuildLab, we want to be the top choice for our clients. We work hard to provide safe, reliable, and timely feedback and test reports that fit the budget and are of great quality. Our skilled team is committed to professionalism and honesty. We appreciate your support!
Professional Team
We are committed to  delivering consistent quality throughout all our operations.

Our laboratory and field work is conducted under supervision of a licensed professional engineers and verified so that the procedures used are in accordance with the required BS, ASTM and AASHTO standards. Our technicians undergo routine proficiency evaluations and training to keep them abreast of the latest standards and procedures.

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