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Our Laboratory Testing Services

We Offer a Wide Variety of Lab Test Services

Meta BuildLab performs in-house and on-site testing of construction materials for multi-storey buildings, power stations, schools, bridges, dams, buildings with multiple basement levels, residential structures, warehouses and hospital.

Our vast breadth of experience and inventory of sophisticated equipment enable us to provide comprehensive geotechnical investigations from the preliminary geological evaluation and site selection to construction observation and testing, and final documentation.


Our materials testing solutions include

Our success is measured by the partnerships developed with repeat clients and ability to recognize the clients’ perspective and goals.

Concrete Testing

Slump cone test Concrete Mix Designs Compressive strength tests Sampling and Testing of Fresh Concrete and Grout

Aggregates Tests

Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) Aggregate Flakiness Ten Percent Fines Value (TFV) Water absorption test Specific gravity Sodium Sulfate Soundness (SSS)

Soil Classification tests

Moisture content determination Grain size Distribution (wet or dry sieving) Atterberg’s Limits (Liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index ) Linear Shrinkage Soil Hydrometer Specific Gravity Unit Weight

Soil Testing

Our material testing labs are equipped to deal with large soil testing requirements. Our tests look at soil strength, density, compaction and contamination data to ensure your construction process goes smoothly

Chemical Testing

Chemical analysis helps determine material composition, impurity identification, moisture and element analysis. Our analytical expertise provides you with the information required to support your material selection or future analysis.

Sand Tests

Fines Modulus Water absorption Specific gravity Bulk Density Grading Sodium Sulfate Soundness (SSS) Clay, Silt and dust Content

Soil Chemical Tests

Soil PH test Calcium Oxide Content Aluminium Oxide Content Silica Content Ferric Oxide Content Soluble Sulfate content Soluble Chloride content Initial Consumption of Lime (ICL) Initial Consumption of Cement (ICC)

Soil Strength tests

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test Standard proctor (MDD/OMC) test Soil Swell/Collapse potential Consolidation (Oedometer) test Direct Shear Box test Stabilized Soil Testing and Research


Benefits of Laboratory Testing

We can also develop custom testing to meet your specific project needs. With our analytical expertise, we can provide you with the exact information you need to support your material selection and analysis.

Benefits of Chemical Testing
Cost Effectiveness
  • Identify areas of potential contamination
  • Comply with the relevant regulations and quality standards
  • Enable informed decisions on materials analysis from test results
  • Identify the different chemical compositions on site or in construction materials
  • Gain the data necessary to support planning permissions and license applications
Benefits of Aggregate Testing
Cost Effectiveness
  • Comply with the relevant British and European regulations and quality standards
  • Enable informed decisions on aggregate use from test results
  • Evaluate the performance of available materials
  • Ensure the quality of aggregate for its intended purpose
  • Please note, this list is not exhaustive
Benefits of Soil & Concrete Testing
Cost Effectiveness
  • Enable informed decisions on construction materials required from test results
  • Highly accurate determination of strength in low and high temperature environments
  • Gain the data necessary to support planning permissions and license applications
  • Early removal of formwork, saving time and money on projects
  • Identify the characteristics of soil on site to determine its ability to support your construction project
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