Our Soil Testing Services

Our on-site testing services offers a broad range of in situ testing solutions.

Soil Stabilisation

Meta buildLab provides comprehensive soil stabilisation tests to establish suitability for stabilisation or reuse. CBR tests and plate bearing tests are just some of the wide range of methods we use on site to analyse suitability for its intended purpose.

Materials Testing

Our on-site materials testing methods provide quick, accurate results to ensure you meet the required Uganda Standards. Our tests cover a wide variety of materials including concrete sampling, aggregates, in situ soil testing and chemical tests.

Site Investigations

Our site investigation services are available for both commercial and residential projects across the Uganda, as well as infrastructure works. Fully managed by our expert technical team, our flexible investigation services enable you to keep full control of project timelines and budgets.

Pavement Testing

Pavement testing is a vital element in road construction and maintenance, ensuring the results of your highways project is one of quality and substance. Our service covers coring and analysis of construction materials to structural condition assessments and utility reinstatement.

Foundation Testing

In order to provide support for various structures, sufficient foundations must be in place to transfer the load of weight to areas with suitable bearing capacity and characteristics.

Structural Testing

Structural testing is absolutely essential within the modern construction industry. It is used to ascertain whether an existing structure or individual object is fit for purpose, and to ensure new developments meet industry standards.

Pull-off & Pull-Out Testing

Pull-off tests measure adhesion strength, while pull-out tests measure fastener bond strength. These tests are generally used in civil engineering, automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

Reinforcement Mapping

Our engineers utilise reinforcement mapping using Hilti Ferroscan & X-Scan as a reliable solution for mapping the location and quantity of steel reinforcement in concrete structures.

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